The following terms and conditions are applied to all the clients for all types of deals. I advise each individual to read the following clauses carefully.


The number of revisions offered depends upon the package chosen by you. Each package has numerous revisions.  It is my priority to deliver the finest work according to the brief. However, changes are being made without disturbing the initial design concept. The time limit to complete a revised design is 48 hours minimum depending on the types of modifications.
Changes demanded to be made once the logo design or any other designing article has been finalised will be considered as a new order and will be charged as per the conditions as well.




The refund policy is not applied under the following conditions.

  • In case of a special package being chosen by the client.

  • Once the initial design concept has been approved by the client.

  • If the client has asked for multiple revisions.

  • If the cancellation has occurred due to reasons which do not involve Crea8iveBox.

  • If the client does not contact the Crea8iveBox for two weeks after assigning the project.

  • If by any means, a clause or clauses in the Crea8iveBox’s policy, have been debased.

  • If the client have given one project to two different companies.

  • If the brief for the project is not proper, making it impossible for the designer to learn the client's objective.

  • In case the client demands to change the whole work and ask Crea8iveBox to redo it.

  • When the refund request period has passed.

  • If the Crea8iveBox by any means changes its name or business.


If a client is not satisfied with one feature of the package, the refund will be given for only the specific service from which the client is dissatisfied. The refund policy is valid until 15 days after assigning the order. Special services such as SEO, Social Media, Web Hosting, Domain Registration etc. have a no refund policy.

In the case of website design and development, if the design gets approved and is in the phase of development, refunds will not be entertained in such circumstances.



Crea8iveBox reserves the right to accept or reject any project. I can also cancel the contract at any point without disclosing the reason.
After Crea8iveBox releases the refund, the client will not hold any rights to utilise the designs for any project. The designs will belong solely to the Crea8iveBox.



In order to claim a refund, the client has to follow the following procedure.
•    Call on the number +44 7418 327742
•    With Live Chat. Click here to start to chat now.
•    Contact me by sending an email here crea8ivebox@hotmail.com
The process of refund will be initiated by my side after a complete analysis of the problem you have. Once you contact me to claim your refund, I will start the analysis as soon as possible.




Crea8iveBox is experienced and have the best combination of skills to ensure 100% quality work without use of unethical methods. Every design is created after the required research, as per to the brief to meet your expectation.




I complete the orders according to the decided deadline while confirming the order from you. The minimum time required to complete any project is three working days.
Once the order is completed, the work is sent only to the account which has been used by the client to assign the order, along with a confirmation order.
In case of urgent orders, contact to my customer support service. The complete order will be sent to the mentioned account on the date stated on Order Confirmation and also a confirmation email will be sent.




In order to deal with any sort of misplacement and miscommunication, Crea8iveBox keeps the record of all the files of designs created for the client along with the record of communication done in between us.




I am present 24/7 to answer all of your concerns and queries; I will answer your concerns anytime and every time.




Any sort of communication done by the client outside the official mediums of Crea8iveBox, will not be considered as brief. Crea8iveBox will not be responsible for any dealing being done outside the Crea8iveBox's official mediums of contact which are (email) crea8ivebox@hotmail.com and (contact number) +44 7418 327742
Crea8iveBox is only responsible for the communication on channels provided by the official domain. 
Crea8iveBox reserves the right to make changes in any aforementioned clauses of the Terms and Conditions.